The Beginning

In 1976 while working for an American entrepreneur in Paris, Janice decided to quit her job and take off with her camera and duffle bag to see the world. When her boss read her letter of resignation, he responded in his deep Texas drawl, “You tell that girl she otta be a writer.”

She did just that.

“Graham is an astute chronicler of sentiment and motive.” Publishers Weekly (Firebird)

“Graham is always and abundantly a good time…the sheer generosity of her invention, and her unfailing ability to create believable characters of every ilk, from the tepid to the grotesque, are nothing short of stunning.” Kirkus Reviews (The Tailor’s Daughter)


The Tailor’s Daughter

Following her New York Times and international bestseller Firebird and The Kansans series, Janice brings to vivid life the elegant and secretive world of London’s Savile Row in The Tailor’s Daughter, a richly detailed historical drama full of good Gothic romance, suspense and smartly dressed people.

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Romancing Miss Bronte

Her most recent novel, written as Juliet Gael, is a compelling portrayal of  history’s beloved literary figure, Charlotte Bronte, who transformed her heart’s loss into one of the most enduring literary works of all time–Jane Eyre.

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FIREBIRD— a New York Times and international bestseller

Set in the majestic Flint Hills of Kansas, Firebird tells of a man caught between two women – one who shares his life and his dream of land and cattle; the other a stranger whose love threatens to destroy the dream he has built.

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Raised by her loving grandparents in the Flint Hills of Kansas, when Sarah Bryden’s grandfather suffers a devastating accident, Sarah abandons her university studies and gives up her dreams of travel.

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As Canon of the Parisian cathedral of St Michael’s, Crispin Wakefield has attracted a loyal, devoted following but also the jealousy of his Dean. And while he yearns for a life unencumbered by material things, the expensive indulgences of his wife and daughters are threatening financial ruin. Into this turmoil steps Julia Kramer, international actress and childhood friend from Crispin’s home town in the Flint Hills of Kansas.

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The Official Take

Janice Graham was raised in Kansas and obtained her M.A. in French literature before pursuing graduate film studies at USC and English literature at UCLA in Los Angeles, California. Her screenplay Until September, a romantic comedy situated in Paris, was made into a film starring Karen Allen and Thierry Lhermitte. Her first novel, Firebird, became a New York Times and international bestseller. After a series of contemporary women’s fiction, she turned to historical fiction. Romancing Miss Bronte, written as Juliet Gael, is her highly acclaimed novel about Charlotte Brontë. She’s currently working on a novel about Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein. After twenty years in Paris, Athens, Jerusalem, Los Angeles and Florence, she has finally settled back in Paris.

Here’s what really happened: